Latin America’s Top Social Entrepreneur Emilio Rivero Joins Board of Directors of Gravity Accelerator

Written By: Dylan Ander

Gravity Group has a technology accelerator that works with high-impact and ESG companies that improve the world we live in. The Accelerator’s portfolio companies support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), simultaneously seeking profitability and high returns for investors. The Co-Founders, Partners and Chief Executives of Gravity Accelerator are luminary entrepreneurs and investors such as Jeremy Nichele (pictured below), Novalena Betancourt NicheleRichard Andrew SalonyPetr Johanes and Michael Wadden. Gravity’s Executive Team has either founded, lead or held key executive roles in companies such as Accenture Digital, US West Cellular and NextWave among others who have historically returned over $3 Billion to shareholders and generated over $20 Billion in revenue.

Emilio Rivero (left) and Jeremy Nichele (right) CEO of Gravity Group

While over-subscribing its Seed Round, Gravity Accelerator earned equity positions in 17 disruptive portfolio companies, with stand-out companies such as Verses (spatial web), Pngme (providing credit scores and lending in third world countries), and Tsunami XR(reducing carbon emissions through the creation of virtual workspaces).

Emilio Rivero is the Chairman of Envirofit Mexico, a social enterprise that mitigates the negative health effects of cooking on an open fire. Envirofit Mexico has delivered over 300,000 Clean Cook Stoves throughout Latin America saving 4.5 million tons of trees, reducing 4.2 million tons of CO2 in the atmosphere while benefiting 1.2 million people’s long-term health.

Rivero highlights his experience as a Diplomat managing commercial relations within the NAFTA Northwest region. He was a senior advisor to the Office of the Cabinet of Japan for Development and Cooperation International Trade, as well as the International Olympic Committee’s Chief of Protocol dealing with International Dignitary and Security Programs for Olympic Winter Games (VANOC).

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